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About Majlis Ilmi Foundation

Majlis-e-Ilmi institution has a complete historical status which is considered as the prominent and well-known research and publication institution of the Asian sub-continent regarding the publication of Hadith knowledge, which was established in 1931 in Jamia Islamia Surat, Dhabael, India. After the partition of India, the Majlis-e-Imli institution was transferred to Pakistan in 1950 and this institution was introduced as a research library in addition to research and publishing institution to quench the thirst of Tshangan sciences.

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Quote of the Day

Those in the know know that a banking institution is a commercial institution whose aim is to earn wealth through a particular business and Matumal has to increase more, and the special business for which it was established is to transact zero cash. And that certain people of the society can borrow money at a low rate of interest. And to give money to some people at a higher interest rate and earn wealth from the difference in interest rate.
This means that it is not a blessed organization whose purpose is to create free service without any compensation and earn reward.